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Smart quote converter

Simple tool to change quote marks between smart and straight quotes. This script can convert over 170,000 quote marks in under 10 seconds, something a basic text application would grind over for a very long time!

OCR/PDF cleanup

This tool fixes many common issues that come with OCR processed text and PDF files, such as removing hard returns after every line, 1’s and r’s are changed back to I’s, page and chapter numbers are stripped out (best guess only!), smart quotes fixed, en-dashes fixed, all double spaces removed and much more. I recommend ‘newocr’ (link below) to OCR your documents before using this tool. Not 100% accurate!

I recommend this FREE online OCR tool as a starting point:

Character code converter

This tool automatically replaces characters such as quote marks with their correct HTML code. It also cleans up formatting, removes pre-existing HTML tags and wraps everything in <p> tags. For best results use plain text.

List Maker + Ccc

This tool converts special characters and then builds an unordered list (change <ul> to <ol> for ordered list).

HTML & CSS snippet finder

Type in a word from the ‘Examples’ list below. I’ve only add the snippets that I find useful day-to-day, it’s by far a comprehensive list.

England vs America

This tool Americanizes or Anglicises text. The script contains a list of 1737 words taken from the link below. Once processed converted spellings will be highlighted with a star*. Non-preferred US alternative spellings will highlighted with a double star**



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